Hippo's Online Sweet Shop

Discover our online sweet shop based in Hunstanton

Dive into our online sweets. Offering Pick and Mix sweets from the comfort of your home. Sold in ranges to suit everyone, this could be a 1kg sweet pouch for yourself, or a massive 3.5kg Sweet bucket to share. We also offer a wide selection of sweets that are vegan and a range of pick and mix sweet jars. Our vast selection of confectionary offers modern and also retro sweets, our selection has been perfected after years of owning a sweet shop in Hunstanton.

Pick and mix your own Giant Cables pouch from us.

Discover our Turkish Delight and Fudge

We receive so many compliments on our pick n mix Turkish Delight Boxes and Fudge boxes. We use the highest quality fudge and Turkish delight suppliers, all packaged in a sweet gift box, and delivered to straight your door.

About Us

We are a husband and wife team, who have 3 kiosks on Hunstanton Seafront. Selling luxury soft serve, beach toys, donuts and coffee. Our sweet kiosk is a traditional sweet shop, with a modern twist! Selling a huge range of products including candyfloss and sugar free rock. Embracing the digital age we are extremely proud to be able to launch our sweet shop online, allowing us to deliver sweets directly to our customers, wherever they are in the UK!

We are a small business, of just the two of us. Your order will be picked, packed and shipped by us. We look forward to sending you your sweets! Find out more about us and our businesses in Hunstanton below!