Hippo's Hunstanton Promenade

Check out our three units on Hunstanton seafront, each offering specialities like beach gifts and toys, as well as delicious treats such as ice cream, donuts, and fudge.

Hunstanton Sweets & Whippy

Welcome to our sweet shop on Hunstanton promenade, where our website began. Join us for artisan fudge, specialty soft serve, and homemade candyfloss. Enjoy traditional treats with a modern twist. Contact us for school trip ice cream discounts!

Hunstanton Donuts on the seafront- hippos sweets

Hunstanton Donuts and Coffee

Hippos Donuts Hunstanton, the neighbouring kiosk to Hippos Sweets, offers delightful Lavazza coffee, freshly made large donuts, refreshing iced teas and drinks, and the timeless classic of Mr. Whippy soft serve ice cream!

Hunstanton Gifts and Beach Toys

Opposite alive leisure, Hippos Gifts and Beach Toys is your one-stop shop for all your beach day essentials! From buckets and spades to inflatables, shoes, sunglasses, and hats, we've got everything you need for a perfect day in the sun at Hunstanton Beach.

Hunstanton School Trip Discounts

Pre-arrange our delicious Hunstanton whippy Ice-cream for school trips and groups visiting Hunstanton and enjoy great prices and discounts. By booking in advance, you'll also benefit from a speedy service as we'll use both of our ice cream machines across both of our units. Contact us to pre-book and inquire beforehand!

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