Welcome to Hippos Sweets! We're Will and Urte, a husband and wife team who've dedicated the last six years to running our sweet shop right on the Hunstanton Seafront, selling Hunstanton Icecream and Hunstanton Sweets online. Our journey started with a simple passion for sweets and a desire to spread joy through our extensive range of top-selling sweets, fudge, and Turkish delight.

Hippos Sweets is more than just a shop to us; it's a culmination of our dreams and hard work, growing from a small venture into a bustling spot known throughout Hunstanton. Our shelves are filled with everything sweet lovers could wish for, from classic pick and mix options to our homemade candy floss.

Our two cats, Pickle and Puff, are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, bringing smiles and a sense of calm during our busiest days. Driven by our shared love for pick and mix sweets and the happiness it brings, we decided to expand our reach by launching an online sweet store. This new step is all about sharing our passion for sweets with a wider audience.

Another reason we were inspired to create Hippos Sweets online was to replicate the unique experience of building your own pick and mix sweets in a digital format. We wanted to offer the same level of customisation and enjoyment online as you'd find in our Hunstanton sweet shop, allowing you to easily and conveniently select your favourites from the comfort of your home. With our online sweet shop, you have the freedom to mix your own sweets, creating your perfect sweet selection just as you would in person, but with the added convenience of a few clicks.

Thank you for visiting us here. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to share our passion for sweets and look forward to sending you the best pick and mix sweets through our online sweet shop.


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